Why? - City in transition.

Our cities experience constant change and transformation. In no other city is this more visible than in Berlin. Berlin thrives at change and celebrates its differences on every corner – no two neighbourhoods are alike. Everything is under tension and at the same time in constant dialogue with each other.

The Art in Architecture competition is an impetus for active urban participation in the search for new public spaces of tomorrow.

The EDGE East Side Competition ,,Bau braucht Kunst” is now entering a key phase. The goal of the competition is to complete the building and its surroundings with art work that will support the public character of the location, the dynamic ,,Kiezkultur” and which will showcase a futuristic approach.

From the large number of designs, 17 works were selected for the second phase. The results are showcased here.
Your vote counts!

You have the unique opportunity to share your opinion that will contribute to our Jury’s expertise.

  • “Die Straßen und ihre Bürgersteige sind die wichtigsten öffentlichen Orte einer Stadt, sind ihre lebenskräftigsten Organe. Wenn die Straßen einer Großstadt uninteressant sind, ist die ganze Stadt uninteressant; wenn sie langweilig sind, ist die ganze Stadt langweilig.“ – Jane Jacobs

Where? - Between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

The EDGE East Side office building will soon be the architectural high point on Warschauer Straße. The building is being constructed at the dynamic Warschauer Straße hub, between the new office landscapes and creative spaces, traffic noise and cafés. This is the place where the clubgoers, tourists, workers, visitors, transients and local residents meet.
The design from BIG Architects (Bjarke Ingels Group) combines the requirements of sustainable buildings with the architectural language of the local area. The structure of the modern façade – the “Berliner Block” set higher up – is an architectural reference to Berlin’s urban history. The two-storey base of the building and the platform with the publicly accessible areas will form the central “entrance” to the new city quarter.

How? - Art in Architecture.

The development of this site will be promoted as a two-phase, open ‘Art in Architecture’ competition with a preliminary application procedure open to applicants from all over Europe.

What? - Buildings need art.

The livelier a place is, the more it is accepted by the city dwellers. The aim is to create an authentic space with the artwork that reflects the dynamic neighbourhood culture and at the same time can enter into dialogue with the tensions and contrasts of the area. We are looking for artistic works that support the public character of the location, ascribe a clear spatial presence to it and significantly improve the quality of the experience.
Brave. Controversial. And yet positive. Inclusive. Inspiring. Open.
The assignment therefore requires an intensive artistic and conceptual examination of the demands of the location. It is also important that the work of art has a visionary expression.

Where to? Space for artistic freedom.

The designated areas of the platform, the staircase including the stair stringers and the surrounding façade elements are available for the competition assignment.
All the designated areas can be freely included and utilised in the work, within the necessary restrictions on the type and extent of use. In addition to the designated external areas, the internal wall of the public foyer can be optionally integrated into the concept.
Participants are free to choose the locations, areas and one or more related objects (installations) and/or spaces.

The path to a work of art!

The competition offers 3 prize categories. The work of art will be realised by 2023. For overall artistic performance and implementation, a maximum of €350,000 (net) is available. 20.000 Euro (net) are available for prices.

The East-Side Competition is a two-phase art in building competition and is organized by the builder Della S.á r.l., Luxembourg. The procedure was designed and initiated by EDGE Technologies GmbH, Berlin.

Competition proceedings

The competition is a two-phase, open artistic realization competition with an upstream application procedure, adverticed across Europe-wide. The procedure will be carried out in accordance with the Guidelines for Planning Competitions (RPW 2013) as far as applicable. The call for entries follows the recommendations of the guideline Kunst am Bau und im Stadtraum, Berlin 2019.

The application procedure is open, the suitability of the participants is checked in the upstream stages of the competition.
„Young artists“ are expressly invited to participate.

The 1st phase of the competition serves to develop conceptual approaches and ideas and demands an artistic examination of the task. In this phase pictorial representations of the concepts and design ideas are desired for presentation to the jury. Up to 20 but at least 15 participants should be selected for the competition phase 2.

The 2nd competition phase serves to further develop and concretize the artistic idea from the first phase, especially with regard to creative implementation, technical feasibility, materiality and adherence to the budget.

Participants who are selected by the jury for the 2nd competition phase and submit a testable work that meets the competition requirements will receive a one-time processing fee. A total of 20,000 Euro (net) is available as prize money for prizes and recognitions.

Phases of the competition

Application process

The application process is open. The suitability of the participants will be verified before the competition procedure. The application deadline is 10.12.2020. Questions can be asked until 04.12.2020.

Notification of admission for competition phase 1 will be sent out at the beginning of January.


Competition phase 1

The competition phase 1 will be announced in January 2021 and will take about 3 months to complete.


Jury meeting of competition phase 1

The jury meeting of competition phase 1 will take place at the end of March 2021.
Notification of the admission of participants to competition phase 2 will be sent out at the beginning of April 2021.


Competition phase 2

The competition phase 2 will be announced in April 2021 and will take about 2 months to complete.
The participants will be paid an one-time editing fee.


Jury meeting of competition phase 2

The jury meeting of competition phase 2 will take place in August 2021.